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Welcome to the Chestnut Drive Church of Christ, a family of believers in Doraville, Ga. desiring to be used by God to impact the lives of those around us with His own glory, demonstrating His love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness at every opportunity.

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We at the Chestnut Drive Church of Christ hope to help people come to know our Lord. We want people to understand that the Son of God has come into the world to pay our sin debt and to show us the way to heaven. Our mission, be it at home or abroad is to make disciples and to teach them to observe all things He has commanded us, and we do it with the sure knowledge that He is with us until the end.

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    I spent a lot of time counting heads Sunday morning before the worship hour hoping that we could get the number up. At first it didn't look very hopeful, but by the time I got up to speak enough folks had come in that I knew if there weren't 80 people there, it was close...


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    Griha Pravesh is a housewarming ritual of the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka. Do you ever "google" something and in the process of getting your answer you find all kinds of stuff that you weren't looking for and end up following a lot of rabbit trails? Is that a good...


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