Matthew 28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
These are Matthew's last recorded words of Jesus. We often focus on verse 19 where He speaks of baptizing those who are made disciples. But there is more here than just baptizing those who believe, though that is certainly important. The mission we have received from the Lord Himself also includes teaching the baptized believers all things that Jesus had taught or commanded the apostles. Wow! What a mission!

Submitting to His Lordship, we at the Chestnut Drive Church of Christ hope to help people come to know our Lord. We want people to understand that the Son of God has come into the world to pay our sin debt and to show us the way to heaven. Our Christianity cannot simply be a ritualistic baptism and a few church services. Our Christianity must be a way of life that demonstrates the way of life that Jesus teaches us. So, it is our mission to show people how to belong to Christ and how to live with Christ living in us. We want people to know how to show mercy, how to forgive, how to be longsuffering, how to extend grace, how to be humble, how to have courage in the face of opposition, how to pray, how to live each day seeking to glorify God. Our mission, be it at home or abroad is to make disciples and to teach them to observe all things He has commanded us, and we do it with the sure knowledge that He is with us until the end.

Iglesia De Christo

Here on our Chestnut Drive campus we have a working congregation of people from various parts of Latin America. Their worship services are conducted in Spanish and we have monthly bi-lingual services and fellowship with them.
Georgia Missions: Bob Gray has the mission of establishing and strengthening rural congregations throughout Georgia. We help to financially support him in that effort.

Latin American Missions

The church of Christ in Valdosta, Ga. sponsors mission efforts throughout Latin America including evangelistic efforts, congregational edification efforts, as well as health and welfare efforts. We help to financially support them in their efforts as well help send individuals to aid their efforts.

Houma, LA.

David and Kathy Jones are working with the Hollywood Avenue Church of Christ in Houma, Louisiana. Because this congregation is yet to be self-sustaining we financially aid them in their efforts to spread the gospel in that community.

Raintree Villiage Children's Home

Raintree Village is a home for orphaned children in Valdosta, Ga. Our desire to help those who are not able to help themselves drives us to send monthly financial support to the home to help them care for the children as well as to send clothing care packages and foodstuffs for the children.

Susana Homes

Susana Homes consists of the residential facilities in Nigeria that receive children from birth to teens, rescuing them from a situation of being orphaned, destitute, or some state of homelessness. The facilities there include the orphanage, a church, a school, a health clinic, and a farm upon which they raise much of their own food. It is our effort to help Chi Ekwenye Hendricks to care for the (currently) 65 orphans and 250 school children.