The Body of Christ, The Head of the Body

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How would you like to have a body that will not do what you tell or will it to do. It happens. In fact, as I get older I am finding out more and more just how rebellious my body can be. When my mind tells my body to jump, my body says "humph!" When my mind says "run," my body just laughs. Okay, so its not rebellion ... its just my body saying I can't do that like I used to.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Event  Date & Time Additional Informaiton
Ladies' Devotional No December meeting Underwood Residence
 Men's Devotional December 3, 2018 7:00 pm  Fellowship Hall
 Pig Out  November 17, 2018, 1:00 pm  Fellowship Hall

Birthdays and Anniversaries


 November  Birthdays

4-Janine Underwood

8-Jerrie Moon

George Remias

17-Joan Green

Yunetta Hamby

22-Holly Craft











Trunk or Treat 2018



VBS 2018




Easter Egg Hunt 2018 

School Supplies Give Away 2017