Ties That Bind

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Rope in Dunbar Harbour

Ties That Bind is a fellowship ministry the elders are initiating in January. Before I explain it, read this prayer that was prayed by the apostle Paul wherein he was praying for his fellow Christians:

Lost & Found

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Among the most famous of Jesus’ stories are the ones found in Luke 15; the stories of the lost coin, lost sheep and the lost boy. There are some things that each of these stories have in common. Obviously, all three of them in-volve something lost. Each story pictures someone rejoicing. All three stories were told in response to the Pharisees’ distaste for Jesus having fellowship with "sinners."


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Have you ever made a really dumb decision? Yeah, I know its not a pleasant topic; we don’t like to dwell on our mistakes. Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes and their consequences do as well. They could be a small as forgetting to put the stamp on the envelope or as big as forgetting to put the stamp on the envelope of an already overdue bill that offers no grace period. Obviously all mistakes are not intentional: hitting your thumb with a hammer, typing "male" when you meant to type "make," walking around all day with the buttons on your shirt one buttonhole off. We don’t often think about it, but a lot of mistakes are the result of thought out decisions. Changing lanes thinking you had enough room, buying a house in

Back to the Future

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Have you seen Jaws 19 yet? Yeah, me neither ... and I can’t find where they sell those hoverboards, but I’d probably shoot my eye out. Oh wait, that’s a different movie. So, how was your Back To The Future day, other wise known as Marty McFly Day? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Several years ago a movie was made wherein Marty McFly rode in a time-machine car into the future. The date on which he arrived was October 21, 2015. He saw things that people in the 1980's guessed would be available in 2015, some of which were actually accurate, a lot of which was not.

Holy is as Holy Does

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I used to work for the Anderson Hickey cabinet making factory. We made metal desks and filing cabinets. I was a spot welder on an assembly line. Time came for an annual deep cleaning of the factory and we were offered opportunity for some overtime. Once the cabinets were completed, they were taken by conveyer hooks to a paint room and then to a paint drying room. So as not to pay people to watch paint dry, the drying was done by forced heated air. On cleaning day they needed someone to clean the soot out of the chimney type exhaust system. Because it was such a dirty job they offered even more pay to get it done. I was young, agile, broke and willing so I got the job.