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I spent a lot of time counting heads Sunday morning before the worship hour hoping that we could get the number up. At first it didn't look very hopeful, but by the time I got up to speak enough folks had come in that I knew if there weren't 80 people there, it was close enough to know that a lot of people had put a lot of work into getting people to come. Folks, we had 20 people above our yearly average! Great job, Chestnuts!!!

That's one week. Now let's set our minds to do it again. It is so exciting hearing about all the efforts everyone is making. We all know that our greatest goal is not the 80 in the pew for 3 weeks. Our goal is to reach any who come with the gospel of Jesus Christ which is able change their lives and change their eternal destiny.

According to my math 93.33% of the people I invited last week weren't able to make it to worship with us, but 6.67% were. To me, that represents a huge number. Let's suppose that this week half of us had, say, a 5% positive response rate, that number has to be significant. Doing the math I find that 5% of 20 is 1. If 45 people sent out 20 invitations with a 5% positive return, that 5% turns out to be 45 people.

So get out those old contact lists, look in the old directories, talk to the lady next door, the guy who cuts your hair, the person in the next cubical, your baby sitter, your parent sitter, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, invite them to come and worship with you. Try to find 20 people that you can personally invite to our worship service next week. Invite them to help your church meet a goal. Tell them we are giving free Bibles to the first 20 visitors (we'll do it). I'm not going to shave my head or get into a dunking booth, but if a free Bible gets them to come, we will give them away all day. We just want to get them in the building so we can let them see the family that God has here. We want them to become comfortable with us, the God we worship and the Jesus who gave His life for us. Two more weeks of 80+. You can do it. I know you can.